2018 February to July Exhibitions

February 20th to 4th March    Rick Everingham

Favourite places – Stradbroke & Italy

Desley and I are now settling back into Brisbane.  It is great to be back to our lovely weather and glorious beaches.  I have recently returned to Stradbroke, to my favourite Frenchman’s Beach, and I have some new paintings from there.  Italy is also still a major point of inspiration for me, so the Italian series also continues.  I am unsure which place I prefer, but it is a lovely choice to consider.

We are having two opening nights and have great pleasure in inviting you and your friends to the exhibition of some of my favourite places

Exhibition hours  10am to 5pm daily (other times  by appointment)

Opening Nights   Tuesday 20th February from 6-8pm

and  Friday 23rd February from 6-8pm








March 7th to 18th                        Joanna Davies

Container-a new body of work.

This body of work  explores movement, energy and emotion.  The collection features large format oils with mostly sepia and ochres tones some with accents of colour.  Energy and movement mixed with texture  and bold lines bring to life the somewhat nostalgic subjects evoking memories and emotions in the viewer.

Exhibition hours  Monday to Saturday 10 to 6pm and 11 to 5pm Sundays.

Offical Opening  Friday 9th March from 6pm

Viewing & Sales from Wednesday 7th March










May 1st to 13th                              Christine Atkins

“Seeing the Light”

“Seeing the Light” is an exhibition of new pastel and oil paintings of still life subjects and outdoor sketches.  Bright light is a denominator in all my paintings, whether from a spotlight on a still life or from sunlight on the landscape.

Exhibition hours  Daily 10am to 6pm except the last Sunday when it is 10am to 3pm

Official Opening Night Friday 4th May 6 to 8 pm







May 29th to June 10th               Lindy Sale, Bernadette Malouf and Tess van den Bergh

“Shifting Worlds”

We are made aware within a split second when the world shifts, when political, physical and culture changes occur, through our tight connective hold via media.Everything from suicide bombings to a royal wedding reaches us without a filter.  As humans we are shocked into reacting viscerally to our world by transcribing a visual response…a painting, an installation, a mixed media piece.  The works of Lindy Sale, Tess van den Bergh and Bernadette Malouf are personal, emotionally charged embodiments of life.

Exhibition hours   Monday to Saturday 10am to 6 pm and Sunday 11am to 5 pm

Opening  Friday 1st June . 6pm to 8pm











More Information?   http//www.lindysale.com 

tess@livingpotential.com.au        bernmalouf@gmail.com



June 12th to 17th .                       Rod Cassidy

On Moreton Bay @ Lowtide.net

“From the sacred shore I stand on, I command thee to retreat;

Venture not, thou stormy rebel, to approach thy master’s seat:

Ocean, be thou still! I did thee come not nearer to my feet!” Thackery

“a new Series of works based on the experience of paddling on the shores of Moreton Bay…in the spirit of Canute…attempting to hold up the Tide.  The works are mixed media drawings on paper and acrylic on canvas. Have you ever wandered along the sand banks at low tide…? It is an amazing place full of little wiggly jiggly  bits and pieces…and things that eat them”

Exhibition hours  Daily 10am to 6pm except Sunday when it is 10am to 3pm

Official Opening Night   Friday 15th   6pm to 8pm











June   23rd Saturday  and  Sunday 24th                Rick Everingham

Two Day  Exhibition     I now have completed some new paintings, with subjects from the Amalfi Coast to Venice.  We have decided to hold a mini exhibition.









For further information contact Rick 0n Tele – 0488 594 616   Email – restudio@ozemail.com.au

Preview all paintings on rickeveringham.com.au

You are most welcome to join us 10am to 5pm both days , other times by appointment.



June 26th t0 8th July                Closed