2019 Exhibitions February to June

February 11th to 17th .   ROD CASSIDY  ” I dreamed I saw St Augustine”

A whimsical and narrative interpretation of the 1967 Bob Dylan ballad.  The lyrics describe a dream that is enigmatic and subject to interpretation. One interpretation of the song is that St Augustine is a stand in for Bob Dylan himself, who has been viewed as a prophet or messiah. The St Augustine in the title has often been linked to St Augustine of Hippo – a philosopher who wrote about evil and guilt, he defined the concept of original sin.  For me, the St Augustine narrative is a metaphor for life.  The meaning in each image changes with the density of the lines and the combinations of colours.  Colour has vitality…like life.  The works are mixed media drawings on paper and acrylic on canvas.

“…Arise, arise he cried so loud

In a voice without restraint

Come out, ye gifted kings and queens

And hear my sad complaint

No martyr is among ye now

Whom you can call your own

So go on your way accordingly

But know you’re not alone.” Bob Dylan 1967

Opening Night Event  Friday 15th February from 6-8pm

Exhibition Hours 10am to 5pm daily (Sunday 17th 10to 3pm)










For More Information contact  www.rodcassidy.com






February 18th to 24th . Fiona Chivers & Dawn Conn  Halcyon Days

“Then for the teeming quietest, happiest days of all!

The brooding and blissful halcyon days!”

1891 – Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass, Book XXXIV

Returning to Australia for a short visit after three years in Europe, Dawn Conn teams up with local artist Fiona Chivers for an exhibition of works focusing on the “Halcyon Days”… a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy & peaceful.

International sculptor, Dawn merges memory, wonder and joy.  Each sculpture has their own narrative and emotional connection, that touches the free spirit in us, most often through memories of childhood.

Dawn’s bronze and mixed media sculptures are enduringly adorned and outfitted, daringly coloured and executed with the intention that is striking and memorable. Her figures develop into tactile memories, to take you to a nostalgic, happy place for a timeless moment.

Fiona Chivers paintings explore the interaction of the natural elements and the relationship between water and land, her works are influenced by memories, emotions, and experiences.

The coastal areas of South East Qld. and the Moreton Bay region are the inspiration for her oil paintings and works on paper.Her large scale contemporary seascapes explore  a theme that encompasses both the shared human experience of the landscape, with our associated memories of place and time.  Fiona’s paintings focus on the tidal area where the land meets the forces of the sea… where as Australians, we identify with this piece of the landscape as part of our culture

Opening Night Event Thursday 21st February from 6 to 8pm

Exhibition hours 20th to 24th 10am to 10am to 4.30pm daily






















February 25th to March 3rd .  Available for Hire


March 5th to 17th  JOHN ARTHUR LITTLE 

John is an American fine arts photographer based in Queensland.  A trained physicist and former university professor of photography and film making John combines rich technical expertise with inspiring and captivating fine art photography.

He grew up in San Francisco. The Sierra Nevada mountains and Yosemite National Park, a place close by became his sanctuary and haven where he taught  himself photography in a refuge of profound natural beauty.

His images capture a deeper meaning of a fleeting moment in time and space preserving forever an enlightening picture of not just a place caught on film but an emotional experience that moves hearts and inspires imagination.

John’s work has been displayed in embassies as well as solo exhibitions at a variety of venues around the world.  This exhibition will include black and white landscapes from North America, the Middle East, Europe, Nepal, Queensland and Tasmania

Opening Night Event  Friday 8th March  6-8 pm

Exhibition Hours  11am to 6pm Monday to Friday

10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday

For More Information contact johnarthurlittle@gmail.com













John Little






March 17th to 31st DAVID HENDERSON

This exhibition will include recent landscape paintings made in Venice, Rome and Queensland as well as figure paintings and drawings.

“My working methods are grounded in direct experience of my subjects and a close observation of nature.  I normally spend a large part of my year in Italy, which not only allows me access to a wealth of evocative subject matter but also provides me with the opportunity to enrich my practice through close contact with the traditions of European painting and sculpture.  Whether I am painting the figure, a Venetian campo or the familiar streets of home, I am seeking to realise my own version of the classical ideal, a synthesis of light and geometry”.

Official Opening Night  Friday 22nd March 6-8 pm











For more information view  www.davidhenderson.com.au


April 2nd to 14th Available for Hire

April 16th to 28th  Easter Friday 19th-22nd  Anzac Day 25th

April 30th to May 12th Available for Hire