Exhibitions 2019 July to December

July 23rd to 4th August   Rick Everingham ” Recent Paintings  and Sculptures”

The beginning of the year saw a return to Italy, to again re-kindle the sensations that I love so much.  My series of Italian subjects is continuing, and in this exhibition I have also included Australian beaches, figurative works and still life together with new bronze sculptures.

We have great pleasure in inviting you and your friends to Rick’s latest exhibition












August 6th to 11th Lyn Barnes   “Place of Origin”

“Place of Origin” is a collection of works by celebrated Outback artist Lyn Barnes, drawn from her childhood home district of the Wallumbilla/Roma area.

Well know for her vivid depictions of the arid landscape of the far west corner of Queensland, this exhibition details an entirely different countryside, using a more subtle palette to celebrate the richness and productivity of this historic region.

“Place of Origin” will be open to preview from 10am Tuesday 6th August, with the official opening taking place at 6pm Wednesday 7th August.  Coinciding with the first days of Brisbane’s Ekka when traditionally the city meets the bush, the exhibition will run until Sunday 11th August.

For More Information   Email . lyn@lynbarnes.com  Web   www.lynbarnes.com













August 13th to 18th       Group of 8

“Group Of 8” are members of the Queensland Art Collective, a group of artists who have exhibited together for over 30 years.  We hope to continue painting and showing our Art and in doing so, inspire others with the beautiful flowers, landscapes and scenes etc. that surround us in Australia and overseas and help us to relive our experiences through Art.

Many of our artists have won Art Prizes over the years and paint in various mediums including Watercolour, Oil, Acrylics, Pastels and Pen and Wash etc.

Artists will be in the Gallery during the Exhibition and on Opening Night to answer any questions you may have in regards to works on display.


















For more Information  Email:  j_blake@iprimus.com.au


August 20th to September 1st                   Wendy Chenoweth    Borrowed Lines

Indooroopilly artist Wendy Chenoweth presents her fourth exhibition in which her large oil paintings feature figures in lonely landscapes who hope and struggle, love and dream.

For inspiration Wendy turns to 19th century poet, Henry Longfellow and others whose  wonderful lyrical words spark an immediate creative response for her.  She has “borrowed” the words of the poets and interpreted them in her own way, transporting them to another time and place, but retaining the mood and intention of the poet.

Each viewer is invited to interpret Wendy’s images in the light of his/hers own life experience; because Wendy’s work speaks to the heart, each individual will see some different meaning.  Visitors to previous exhibitions have spoken of the emotional connection and personal impact of her work.

Wendy’s exhibition will also showcase Belgian sculptor Els Houwen whose joyous figures add a three dimensional experience to ” Borrowed Lines”

Wendy and Els hope that their work will give joy, meaning and insight to those who attend the exhibition.








Email: wendycheno15@gmail.com     Phone: 0437 265 475   Insta:  wendychenowethpainting


September 3rd to 15th   Joanna Davies .   Joy

Joanna is an Australian artist specialising in oils.  She paints from her studio in Brookfield, Queensland. Her paintings have been acquired by collectors and art lovers for private homes, corporate headquarters and public spaces across Australia, Canada and Europe.

In short, Joanna loves to paint and this is evident in her newest exhibition.  Bold brush strokes, vibrant colour and bright whites are a signature of her style.  Her large scale pieces are lively, energetic and emotive and become a focal point of light and joy in any space.

Joy is Joanna’s 10th solo exhibition.












For more information   Web : www.joannadaviesart.com

Email: joannadaviesart@gmail.com


September 17th to 29th   Warren Palmer & Susan Leway     “I Never Promised You A ROSE GARDEN”

The works in this show consist of Photographs, Pastel & Mixed Media and Ceramics & Mixed Media.

Although the subject matter varies, the dominate theme concerns the senseless cruelty and vicious  treatment of wild (& in some cases domestic) animals. Viz “Shooter”

Its not all sad and bad however, because in some photographic work by Susan, her wonderful sense of fun and humour sneaks into the images viz  ” This little Piggy went to Market” and “The Dog sat on the Tuckerbox”  “Tip Me Over, Pour Me Out” sort of sums up the emotion and energy that went into the making of this joint show.





October 1st to 13th   Arts Connect Inc.

Artists were invited to venture into new areas of creative exploration for this exhibition delving into the multitude of directions this theme has to offer from the obvious four elements of nature to the 15th century medieval origins of the primordial or primitive and todays ideas of basic, essential, central, underlying or singular.

Kay Leech, Annie McIntosh, Richard Muldoon, Gary Myers, Sue Neale,

Pierre Otth, Judith Rosenberg and Laura Vecmane, Katie Wells.











For more information   www.artsconnectinc.com.au

Email exhibitions@artsconnectinc.com.au


October 15th to 27th   Julie Whitehead    Floral Enchantment

This solo exhibition is culmination of a lifelong obsession with the enchanting world and true beauty of nature’s florals.

Brisbane floral artist, Julie Whitehead’s work encapsulates energy, beauty, love, strength, colour and movement, with the heart at the centre of it all. Her floral paintings express a delicate sensuality yet these fragile flowers are resilient enough to grow and survive. Flowers are also a symbol of love and are frequently given as a gift to express love, gratitude and kindness.

“Art is energy. I love to work with flowers because of their delicate beauty which shows off how clever nature really is.” Julie Whitehead Artist

Julie predominantly works on large canvases as the overall impact of the intense floral colour engages the audience. More recently Julie has turned to using a resin finish on some of her smaller works that have resulted in an impactful, stunning finish with gold and silver leaf accents.

Specialising in the creation of original, exquisite floral paintings and working with only the highest quality oils & acrylics, each work becomes unique.  The creative process begins with photographing her floral subjects from many different angles & with varying light conditions.

While creating the image on canvas, Julie uses her skill to bring it to glorious life with vibrant colours, intricate design and an endless amount of love.

Julie was accepted into art school in Melbourne at the young age of 17 and went on to major in painting and drawing for the next four years.

Julie works have been displayed in exhibitions throughout Brisbane, in commercial buildings, office receptions and foyers and private collectors have commissioned works specifically for their homes both in Australia and abroad.

Please visit the website to see the current collection – www.juliewhitehead.com.au

For more information please contact: Julie Whitehead Julie.whitehead@bigpond.com ; PH 0407 359 594









October 29th to November 10th   Epic Assist     Shifting Perspectives

This exhibition will showcase artworks in a range of mediums by artists who have a disability, health condition or mental health condition.

Art is a powerful medium for people with  disability.  Art can capture ideas not easily expressed with words and evoke feelings we didn’t know lay within us.”Shifting Perspectives”  calls on you to alter your view point and see things in a new way.  When you engage with this exhibit you are asked to consider different points of view, attitudes and to understand these artworks, our contributing artists, and our place in society.













For more Information please visit the web site at https://art.epicassist.org


November 12th to 24th   ” Breathing Space 3 

“Breathing Space is the time you allow yourself to think, to regroup, to reflect on ideas. It is also the space where you can make mistakes and from this, learn to assimilate ideas or discard them.  Nothing is more important to an artist’s than this time”

Christine Turner – Synthetic posters,    Jennifer McDuff – Painting, 

 Susan Hutton – Encaustics Digital imagining,    Trevor Spohr – Ceramics,     

 Wilhelmus Breikers – Painting,    Catherine McCue – Mokulito Wood Lithography Print






















For more Information please visit http://breathingspace3.wixsite.com/breathing-space




November 26th to December 8th   Tim Job     ” Life Lines”

Tim Job reflects on life through a variety of visual portals in his latest exhibition of work titled

‘Life Lines’.

The Pied Oystercatcher is just one observance he employs to depict the human experience of love, marriage and loss. Sourced during recent times spent on North Stradbroke Island, the works are emotionally powerful, humorous and evoke complicated simplicity.

Studied  Bachelor of Arts – Queensland College of Art

Master of Arts – Queensland University of Technology

Opening night event Friday 29th November 6 to 9pm












December 10th to 22nd   Nicole de la Mar  “Eden”

Dutch born radiographer and mother of five Nicole is loving her art adventure, painting exquisite semi- abstract artworks with acrylic on large canvas.

She is influenced by many cultures due to her extensive travel and thirst for new experiences.  Being multilingual, she has formed friendships around the world and her care for nature is evident in her work.

Nicole has exhibited throughout Brisbane and has recently been discovered by private collectors in Europe.

Open Daily   10am to 6pm

Opening Night Event  Friday 13th December 6 to 9pm

Meet the artist Saturday 14th  3 to 6pm