Exhibitions 2019 July to December

August 5th t0 11th   Jean Blake Group

August 12th to 18th   Lyn Barnes

August 20th to September 1st                   Wendy Chenoweth    Borrowed Lines

Indooroopilly artist Wendy Chenoweth presents her fourth exhibition in which her large oil paintings feature figures in lonely landscapes who hope and struggle, love and dream.

For inspiration Wendy turns to 19th century poet, Henry Longfellow and others whose  wonderful lyrical words spark an immediate creative response for her.  She has “borrowed” the words of the poets and interpreted them in her own way, transporting them to another time and place, but retaining the mood and intention of the poet.

Each viewer is invited to interpret Wendy’s images in the light of his/hers own life experience; because Wendy’s work speaks to the heart, each individual will see some different meaning.  Visitors to previous exhibitions have spoken of the emotional connection and personal impact of her work.

Wendy’s exhibition will also showcase Belgian sculptor Els Houwen whose joyous figures add a three dimensional experience to ” Borrowed Lines”

Wendy and Els hope that their work will give joy, meaning and insight to those who attend the exhibition.

Exhibition Hours  10am to 4.30 pm daily

Opening Night  Wednesday 21st August from 6- 8pm

“Be Still”

Be still sad heart and cease repining;                                                                     

Behind the clouds  is the sun still shining;

Thy fate is the common fate of all’

Into each life some rain must fall.  (Longfellow)

For more Information

Email: wendycheno15@gmail.com     Phone: 0437 265 475   Insta:  wendychenowethpainting