Exhibitions – January to June 2016

Graydon Gallery has been established for over twenty years and has a proven record of successful and sell-out exhibitions.

Graydon Gallery is proud to present the following artists in 2016:


Christine Turner and Regional Friends.

A group exhibition of paintings, ceramics, sculptures and prints by established artists representing the Bundaberg region.

Dates:   23rd February to 6th March 2016
Opening Night:  Thursday 25th –  6pm to 8pm
Gallery Hours:  10am-6pm.  Daily or by appointment. Enquiries Ph. 0402 403 270 or 07 3254 2325 (during exhibition hours only)


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Lloyd Hornsby and Deb Taylor

“Our Journey” Aboriginal Art Exhibition

Lloyd Hornsby (Gawura) and Deb Taylor-exhibiting togetherfor the first time in 6 years. Combining Artworks and Clay works as you have never seen them before.

Dates: 8 March 2016 – 20 March 2016
Opening night:  Friday 11th March –  6pm for 6.30pm
Gallery Hours:  10am-6pm.  Daily or by appointment.

Artists Talks & Opening

lloyd hornsby 

Taylor pot           female body


Art From The Margins Emerging Artists Exhibition

The annual Art from the Margins Emerging Artists Exhibition and Award supports talented local artists to further develop their creative vision.  Each year the selected artists participate in a group exhibition at  Graydon Gallery and receive individual mentoring, professional guidance and support from Art from the Margins.  This is the fifth year of the Award, and this years’s artists are selected from among 200 artists who entered the AFTM Brisbane Festival Exhibition. Please come along to the exhibition and help us celebrate the creative achievements of artists Natasha Darling, Curtis Barwick, Mark Kleine,  Damien Conte, Beki Tara and Mubarak Shah Hosseini.If you have any inquiries please email Anthony Anderton, Manager of the Art from the Margins program a.anderton@wmb.org.au or visit their website at www.artfromthemargins.org.au 

Dates:Tuesday 12th April 2016 – Sunday 17th April 2016
Opening Night:  Thursday 14th April 6pm to 8 pm – please RSVP by Wednesday 13th April

Gallery Hours:  10am-4.30pm Daily

5.Natasha Darling_Divine Feminine_Mixed Media on Cotton Canvass_91x122_$700 BekiTara_Làm đẹp là tôi BeautyIsMine_Digital-Print Pencil Drawing of Ngo Thanh Van_$250  CurtisBarwick_Jersey-and-Guernsey_Acrylic on Canvass_$150


BekiTara_Quay lại tự nhiên Back-To-Nature_Print of Pencil Drawing of Isaac during filming of Vietnamese Movie Tấm Cám_$250  2.Natasha Darling_Teotihuacan_Mixed Media on Cotton Canvass_76x101_$600  7.Natasha Darling_In The Darkness I See_Mixed Media on Cotton Canvass_76x61_$555

DamienConte_Orange-Oracle CurtisBarwick_Ranchers-Driving-A-Heard_Acrylic on Canvass_$150 Damien-Conte_Galaxy_80x120cm_$550

3f70f41c-0990-4b1e-b543-c86cd6a92e33 Current Affairs example1 Boat Lady


 Group Exhibition 

“As Above so Below”

This is the latest exhibition of works from an eclectic group of

thirteen visual artists based in South East Queensland and follow

on from their previous very successful adventure,  “I See a Darkness”

naked woman  cerimic sharon muir ceramic clairy lawrence

black gloved hands  flower jewlery Ceramic Jug

Dates:  19th April – 1st May 2016
Opening Night:  Friday 22nd April 6pm to 9pm

special performance by Floyd Family Breakdow

Gallery Hours:  10am-4pm.  Daily 


Christine Atkins

“Catching the Light”

Artist statement : For me one of the joys of life is to paint and draw subjects from life with bright highlights and deep shadows. I hope you enjoy viewing my exhibitions as much as I have enjoyed bring it to you.

Exhibition dates:  3rd May – 15th May 2016
Opening Night:  Friday 6th May 6pm to 8pm
Gallery Hours:  10am-6pm  daily except Sunday 15th 10 am to 3pm


Chillies  Daisies-and-Gum-Leaves

Eucalyptus-Flowers Through-the-Window Rainbow-Lorikeets[1]


Wendy Chenoweth and Els Houwen


“Life is a journey, not a destination” Emerson

Wendy Chenoweth presents another collection of her narrative oil paintings. Lyrical and perhaps quirky at first glance…they often have a deeper, more powerful impact upon reflection.

She is joined in this exhibition by Belgian born ceramic sculptor, Els Houwen whose joyous figures bear testimony to the love and energy that have gone into their creation.

Dates:  17 May – 29 May 2016
Opening Night:  Friday 20th May 6pm to 8pm
Gallery Hours:  10am-6pm  Monday to Saturday – 11am to 5pm Sunday



Scan 5 man crowbar plane

unnamed  female with cap


Hearts and Minds Art

Hearts and Minds Art will be exhibiting works from a selection of artisans from their Noosa Gallery.

Jewellers , ceramicists and sculptors will exhibit alongside artists such as Teagan Watts, Jan Carison,

Richard John, Wendy Maclean, Christine Clark and many more.

Enq. 0418108299

Dates:  Tuesday 31 May – Saturday 11 June 2016.
Opening Night:  Friday 3rd June 6-8pm
Gallery Hours:  10am-5pm.  Daily or by appointment

Arts & Minds H&MA_Maree_Lucy H&MA Richard

H&MA_TeaganW H&MA_TamaraS 0

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Brisbane Artsworkers Collective


Exploring attention to detail- amplification, intensification, magnification.

An integral part of the artistic process is sharpening one’s senses to perceive

the intricacies of life- the small, the banal, the overlooked,

the under-appreciated, the misunderstood.By becoming aware of diversity

in individuals and the environment the artist is able to hone in on the lesser

muse and bring to light the hidden richness of the world around us.

Alithea Josaphine   www.alitheajosaphine.com

Charlotte Tegan     www.charlottetegan.com

Elysha Rei              www.elysharei.com

Genevieve Carmille Jackson  www.genevievecjackson.wordpress.com

Michelle Richards                  http://photoprojections.net/

Rachel Gaffney-Dawson       www.rachelgaffneydawson.com

39a4b4e6-538e-44d7-ad7e-56d47f4d7df1        Goshawk_ElyshaRei_Papercut_2016       cellular #1 [Alithea Josaphine] MEDIA SIZE

Jack Sparrow_ElyshaRei_papercut_2016       MichelleRichards_People and trees IMG_5234       Charlotte Tegan, Why the journey, what's the bother, 2014 (1)

GenevieveCJackson_Ginger plant embryos_web    cellular #2 [Alithea Josaphine] MEDIA SIZE          GenevieveCJackson_Family_web 

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Dates:  15 June – 19 June 2016.
Opening Night:  6pm  Friday 17th June
Gallery Hours:   10am-4pm Daily


Genevieve Camille Jackson


[Emergent properties are properties of wholes that are not present in their parts]

When paintings are presented together in a gallery, does the exhibition have properties not present

in the individual works?

When visual art is combined with poetry, prose, sound and music,do new art forms emerge?

Genevieve considers the act of creation to be a potent effector of catharsis. The practice of art facilitates the exorcism of powerful emotions, whether they are tangible or boil up from the depths of the subconscious during the artistic process.

Soundscapes, poetry and prose by Timothy Jackson

Guest artist Johanahan Coludar



regentbower   Trilobite_Web    Waratah_Web

femalebower   grasstree   NightHeron_Web

Family_Web   GenevieveCJackson_Ginger plant embryos_web   ladyoftheforest

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Dates: Tuesday 21 June –  Sunday 26 June 2016.
Opening Night:  6pm  Friday 24th June 6 -8pm
Gallery Hours:   10am-6pm. daily






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