Exhibitions – July – December 2017


27th June to 9th July  Group Exhibition- “Open ARTery”

www.openartery.com.au  for more information


25th to 6th AUGUST

Liz Celegato, Jenny Cass & Susan Blyton  “Three Visions”

Paintings and Bronze Sculptures


Enquires 0438 056 107/redbirdstudio@aapt.net.au


1st to 6th   Liz Celegato, Jenny Cass & Sue Blyton . “Three Visions”

Paintings and  Bronze Sculptures    Exhibition Hours Daily 10am to 4pm

7th to 20th

Lyn Barnes  Paintings   Celebrating Life In The Channel Country

Mary Donnelly   show case rock and steel Sculpture  Birds Of Flight And Fancy








22nd to 25th August

Rick Everingham      Auction of Paintings and Sculptures









Paintings can be viewed at: www.rickeveringham.com.au

m: 0488 587 612   m:0488 594 616 . e:restudio@ozemail.com.au




28th August to September 3rd

Rod Cassidy   “Explorer Trilogy”

Exhibition Hours Daily 10am to 5pm

Opening Night Friday 1st September 5pm to 8pm

 For more information    www.rodneycassidy.com 



5th to 17th    

Jennifer Stuerzl    Bimblebox to Gum Creek

Paintings, works on paper and artist’s books.

Exhibition hours  daily 11am-5pm and by appointment

by contacting Jennifer on 0407 111 517

Opening event  Thursday 7th September speaker Bruce Heiser

Artist’s Talk      Saturday 9th and 16th at 11am








For more information visit  www.jenniferstuerzl.com.au



19th September to 1st October


 Christine Turner, Jennifer Duff, John Olson, Keith Stewart, Susan Hutton, Trevor Spohr.

Six artists six mediums-painting, encaustics. ceramics, metal sculpture, photography and digital images.

The artists live and work in the Wide Bay Area.  They work separately in different mediums but over the years have shared their knowledge, celebrated achievements and inspired each other.

Although they all show their work separately through the year, coming together as friends to exhibit at Graydon gallery is a significant and meaningful ‘Breathing Space” for them.

As well as the artwork on display there will be a store room of work to browse through including unframed works on paper.

Exhibition Hours  Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 11am to 5pm

Opening Night Event Thursday 21st September 6 to 8pm



For more information contact


E: christineturnerau@yahoo.com.au   T: 0402 403 270   



2nd October to 8th October

Exhibition hours daily 10am to 5pm

Opening Event Tuesday 3rd October 6pm to 9pm

Paul Harris paintings . “The Troubles”

The Troubles was an ethno-nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland during the late 20th century.  Also known internationally as the Northern Ireland conflict, it is sometimes described as a “guerilla war” or a low level war.  The conflict began in the late 60’s and is usually deemed to have  ended with the Good Friday Agreement of 1968.

Although the Troubles mainly took place in Northern Ireland, at times the violence spilled over into parts of the Republic of Ireland, England and mainland Europe.









10th to 15th

Michelle Van Pelt  Skye Mescall & Samir Hamaiel  paintings “Borrowed Landscapes”





Exhibition Hours  TBA

Opening Night Event Thursday 12th  6pm to 8pm


For more information visit   www.michellevanpelt.com  www.skye.mescall.com.au



17th to 29th

available for hire ph Cath 0418740467


1st to 12th

David Henderson  Paintings







14th to 26th

Sue Dryden  Paintings

This exhibition is like a book of short stories.  Some of the paintings are metaphorical and some are interiors of places visited and people known.  They record brief encounters with characters, show loved places to wander through, and offer a touch of mysteries to ponder.










28th to 10th December

Rick Everingham  Paintings and Sculptures


1st to 10th

Rick Everingham  Paintings and Sculptures

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