Exhibitions – July – December 2016


Rod Cassidy        “Oxley 1824-a man in his boat”    Exhibition Dates   28th June to  10th July

A narrative and whimsical interpretation of the John Oxley 1824 Journal describing his exploration of the Brisbane River up to Mt Crosby (Belle Vue Mountain) and his encounters with the Turrbal and Jagera people of Meeaan -jin (Brisbane).

The works present a lyrical and romantic observation of Oxley’s struggle with the landscape, the river and his boat. For me, the Oxley river saga in his boat is a metaphor for life-its meaning changes with the the density of the lines, the combination of colours mixed-colours have vitality. Like life.

Oxley in boat    unnamed    unnamed

Enquires to  Rod Cassidy 0417 752 077  www.rodcassidy.com         rod.cassidy@hotmail.com

19th July to 31st July     Michael Keller    Michael is a full time artist who works from his studio in Red Hill, Brisbane. He has had twelve solo exhibitions in Brisbane and has recently participated in a number of group exhibitions in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

Michael has been a finalist in the 2013 Fleurieu Art Prize, a semi-finalist in the Dough Moran Portrait Prize in 2014 and 2015, a finalist in the 2014 Kennedy Art Prize and a semi-finalist in the BP Portrait Prize (UK).     He is a painter who works predominantly in oils, producing both figurative and abstract pieces referencing an eclectic mix of influences and inspiration. Michael’s works are held in private collections throughout Australia.

Driver 1, oil on board, 850x640

Still Life 4-16 Lane in Brunswick




Visit www.michaelkeller.com.au  to view his new paintings


 Lyn Barnes & Mary Donnelly           Exhibition 2nd to 14th August

Lyn Barnes:Sixty Little Pictures   This exhibition brings together ‘sixty little pictures’ to celebrate Lyn’s sixty years and her ongoing artistic exploration of the life of Outback Queensland. Predominately pastels on paper, these seemingly small art works of flora and fauna, people and landscapes will combine in this exhibition to tell the powerful, vast stories of the region.

Lyn is known and respected for her capacity to communicate the character of remote Queensland   through her works.   More information visit :www.lynbarnes.com

6239f91f-91a0-48ac-b5ad-69f5440c8642 7106fb77-29f8-4e9a-868c-31f1410ffe41 b20cc79f-56e9-4bb8-9c3e-5465796e4f60






Mary Donnelly: Rock and Steel Sculpture   Some people look at clouds and perceive pictures, characters and stories.  Mary Donnelly, sees the same concepts and impressions in rocks.  Every rock, with a little assistance from some mild steel, holds the potential to become something more, while still being able to showcase its original individual characteristics.

More information visit :www.marydonnellyrockandsteel.com

Exhibition Dates  Thursday 4th August to Sunday 14th August 10am to 6pm daily


Waterbird 280mmx280mmx945mm

Coming out of the Tall Timbersm245mmx200mmx1000


16th August to 28th August   Jenny Cass, Liz Celegato , Susan Blyton   3 Visions Group Exhibition is the culmination of three contemporary Brisbane based artists with their own individual styles. Jenny Cass…Mixed Media Artist & Illustrator www.redbirddesign.com.au         Liz Celegato…Mixed Media Artist www.lizcelegato.weebly.com     Susan Blyton Sculpturer  susanblyton@bigpond.com

Each of us is on an individual journey, influenced by the world around us and our personal experiences. Our aim as artists is for work to connect with the viewer.  To evoke feeling, be reminded of memory or to just touch their soul in some way.



Susan Blyton Male standing




download (2)


Liz Celegato Gallery Exhibition

Liz Celegato Gallery Photo

Liz Celegato Gallery photo





For more information about this Exhibition Phone Jenny 0438 056 107


27th September to 9th October        Phil Bazzo, Dave Groom, Sarah Hickey, Tricia Reust, Christine Turner, Monica Usher and Thirty Paintings from European & Australian Artists from Private Collectors                                                                

 Phil Bazzo     My paintings explore the present and its very temporary nature. Changes in our urban landscape are a predominate theme of my paintings.  Be it loss of significant heritage buildings or exciting new architectural designs, my paintings focus on the present but highlight the constant change around us.

7 Phil Bazzo Roma Pub9 Phil Bazzo dam Longreach 10 Phil Bazzo Kalbar Sunset

 Dave Groom   Based on the edge of Lamington National Park Dave draws and paints the natural landscape that surrounds his studio. Dave’s reflections on his life long connection with the park produces work inspired by some of his favourite places such as Coomera Gorge & the high misty mountains along the border.

Dave across-the-plateauDave Groom surprise-rock

Sarah Hickey   My female images are embellished, bejewelled forms that act like avatars or fancy selves that celebrate the feminine whilst revealing a deeply personal narrative. Like Indian Godesses the complex layering of imagery and patterns makes external what is invisible on the inside, a beautiful cacophony of shapes and forms.

3Sarah Lips 60.5x80.55 sarah Matisse 6Sarah Venus Trap 60x80 

 Tricia Reust A visual artist working in most media and won the National Mortimore Prize in 2012;recorded a television episode with Colour in Your Life; and has been published in the Australian Artist and all four “Incite- The Best of International Mixed Media” publications. Tricia is a master pastellist, her art process increasingly involves presenting layers of story in her images.                   Site:www.triciareust.com

11 Tricia Spirits Night 12 Chooks Run 2 61sq

17Tricia Grey Light 31.5x46

Chistine Turner  has been creating artworks for over 20 years, using mixed media and found objects to create paintings, assemblages and installations.Her works explore ideas relating to the body, nature, culture, power and the sacred. Her recent foray into depicting the landscape has come about due to her inclusion in an exchange exhibition between Bundaberg regional artists and artists living in Mexico.

1christine Landscape 1.5 1.52 Christine Sunset 1.5x1.5

 Monica Usher The common tTheme of these works is that they explore various elements of life in the garden from cabbage moths flying about in a confused ballet of death to the fleeting colours and shapes of new growth, leftovers and spring blooms.
4 Monicaunnamed-36 Monica Nest 2

 OCTOBER    18th October to 30th October   Liz Heber & Friends

Since 1976 Liz has coordinated over thirty two exhibitions including one in Honolulu featuring the work of some ninety two artists coming from thirty two countries!  She started the “Liz & Friends” exhibition group in 2001- since then the group has held twenty four Exhibitions in and around Brisbane.  At Graydon we will be presenting work done by acrylic, watercolour & oil painters, a silversmith, a clay sculptor, printmaker, tapestry weaver and a silk screen painter/mixed media painter.

This collection of artworks includes 8 member artists from Liz & Friends … Liz Heber, Susan Gardner, Catherine Bilson, Cheryl Mortimer, Darla Boyd, Rett Tanner, Beverley Thomas, & Catherine Macauley.

Liz Heber “I draw and paint what finds me! Colour and shape draw my attention. I never know what I will find. Unusual buildings old and new … along with gracefully moving jelly fish are my favourite thing !!!”.Jellyfish At Play Liz HeberSusan Gardner has been an exhibiting artist for more than forty-five years and has developed a unique and individual style of expression in her contemporary paintings.  Her work is derived from life experiences and her willingness to experiment and use a wide variety of medium has resulted in original, creative and high quality work.

Aqua Susan Gardner (14)Catherine Bilson training as an engineer taught her to create everything in a functional, structurally sound manner. Coming to jewellery making later in life, she applies that early training to her artistic jewellery, so that even the most delicate appearing pieces can be worn every day.

Cath Bilson Ring

Cath Bilson Gold Bracelet

Earings (5) Cath Bolton


Cheryl Mortimer In her art practice Cheryl likes to explore the chemistry of resist, the happenstance of shape and colour, and amongst other things, the interplay of mediums. She has a fascination with print making, especially the more spontaneous technique of monoprinting which she uses to reflect aspects of landscapes.

1 Scape Cheryl Mortimer

15 Cheryl M 90 Mile beach





Darla Boyd  Darla’s artistic explorations across the range of media have focused on establishing a strong connection with the viewer and transporting them to a place where the head noise ceases and the visual story begins.  Watercolour is her favourite because of the unpredictability, immediacy and fluidity of the medium, It’s exciting.

 (9) Sunrise Darla Boyd

 (10) Darla Boyd Spring




Rett Tanner “I desire to create delight in an adventure of the senses, stimulating emotions, responses and empathy ”

 (13)Ret Tanner Seek WisdomBeverley Thomas Beverley weaves and paints fragments of memories which are held in the material themselves; working visually, to create original work.

 (11) Bev Thomas Indigo (7) Bev Thomas Blue DoorsBev Thomas Uptown 8

Catherine Reason Macauley      Works  presents work as postures and poses modled in clay with some exploration into mixed media. In progression, her drawings have become her sculpture, and her poetry has become her explanation in an embellished fashion.

 (2 Cath Macauley Aple Mac



Further information phone Liz 54 968418 or bylizzy22@gmail.co


1st November to 13th November    David Henderson

Artist Statement  I have travelled to Italy to paint on a regular basis since my first visit in 1981. Whether I am painting famous monuments or lesser known views, what I look for in a subject is a synthesis of light and form.  While my practice is based on direct observation and the plein air tradition, I am as concerned with the enduring characteristics of my subject as with fleeting effects. Italy’s humanised landscapes and harmonious urban spaces have attracted artists for centuries. For me, her subjects are inexhaustible, with every passing hour and from season to season I am presented with new possibilities, new moods.

Ospedale Civile, Noon Oil on Canvas 60x80cm

Monti Rooftops Rome Ink & W'colour25x28

Santa Marta Evening Oil on Canvas 60x80cm





The Dogana Noon Oil on canvas 20x30cmEvening Effect Wcolour 28x24cm

The Red Palazzo Oil on Canvas 30x20cm





For more information visit www.davidhenderson.com.

15th November to 27th November  Brisbane Art Collective  Warrior Women

Artists Statement “Her Story”

Twelve women tell their stories through visual art.  “Her Story” is an event with an exhibition, workshops, talks and fund raising.  Over 11 days stories will be told, narratives developed and awareness raised concerning, not just the stories of our women here in Australia but those in other parts of the world as well.

Artists   Michelle Bowden, Cecilia Hine, Ruby Purple, Sam Randall, Gaye Tait, Jane Higgins,

Mandy Brooks, Olga Bakhtina, Vivienne Searle, Wendy Rix, Daniele Lamarche-Sarvia, Bev Gollschewsky.

Exhibition Dates  Tuesday 15th November to Sunday 27th November

Gallery Hours    10am to 6pm

Opening Night Thursday 17th November 5.30pm to 8pm

More Information about the artists and exhibition visit   herstorynow.wordpress.co

sam-randallolga-bakhtina-imagegraydongalleryimage8-vivienne-wendy-rixbev gollschewskyimage1ruby-purple-warrior1mandy-brooksgraydongallery danielelamarchesarviaimage

warrior Women

Warrior Womenwarrior womenMichelle Bowden


29th November to 11th December  Rick Everingham

Artist’s Statement

New Paintings of Italy  (approx 34)

It has been 25 years since I first started painting Italy.  After annual trips, then living there for 11 of those years, I still find the patinas and the subtlety of light in Italy are irresistible.

I find my subject matter everywhere, in lovely old walls, enchanting old doors and windows, incidental situations, and the wonderful lifestyle of the Italian people. This exhibition continues the passion I find in painting these Italian experiences.

Resturant- Rome
Iron Gate Facade
D’Arte Del Buon Gusto
Fisherman’s Doorway-Procida-off Naples




Small Courtyard-Villa San Michele-Capri


Cycling Through Pisa
Boat To Da Adolfo- Amalfi Coast
Blue Bike






Exhibition Dates  Tuesday 29th November to Sunday 11th December

Gallery Hours  10am to 5pm daily

Opening Night  Tuesday 29th November 6pm to 8pm

For further information phone Rick 0488 594 616


Jo Frederiks    Farm Animal Rescue

Exhibition Dates   Monday 12th December to Sunday 18th

Opening Night   Thursday 15th

Gallery Hours   10am to 5pm

Jo is a passionate animal rights advocate, speaking through her art to create awareness of animal cruelty. Jo is supporting Farm Animal Rescue Dayboro by donating 50% of Sales to this organisation.

For more information on Jo’s practice visit  www.jofrederiks.com  or call 0438 654 041

Every Day
Every Day
When Will We Learn
When Will We Learn
I Am Not a Trinket
I Am Not a Trinket
Double Trouble a Victim of Vivisection
Double Trouble a Victim of Vivisection
Feeling Comfortable Now
Feeling Comfortable Now
Palm Oil and Pollution
Palm Oil and Pollution



We Didn't Even Make it This Far
We Didn’t Even Make it This Far
I Know What Your Going To Go Through
I Know What Your Going To Go Through

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