Graydon Gallery has been established for over twenty years and has a proven record of successful and sell-out exhibitions.

Graydon Gallery is proud to present the following artists in APRIL.



Exhibition dates: 08/04/2015 – 12/04/2015

The 2015 Art from the Margins Emerging Artists Exhibition is on again at the Graydon Gallery –

Now in its fourth year, this inspiring exhibition brings together a group of talented Brisbane artists: Matthew Short, Levi Diball, Glynn Parr, Gary Olson, Irene Martin-Miller, Laura Teall and Maureen Young. The exhibition is open daily 10am to 5pm, all are welcome and admission is free. Art from the Margins is a creative initiative of Wesley Mission Brisbane and supports artists living with mental health issues, physical or intellectual disabilities, homelessness or experiencing disadvantage. Visit or call 36214540 for more information about the exhibition.



Exhibition dates: 28/04/2015 – 10/05/2015
supporting ARTists & CONNECTing communities
Arts Connect Inc. (ACI) supports and promotes the practice and enjoyment of the arts across the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, in Queensland’s south-east.

We coordinate a wide range of activities that provide opportunities for artists to exhibit and sell their works.
ACI is a not-for-profit organisation and membership is open to everyone. We continually search for opportunities to expand our members’ professional development and marketing potential.

Our goal is to establish and promote the Sunshine Coast hinterland as a unique ‘arts destination’, and to stimulate a greater understanding of the arts within local communities.

This collection of Artworks represents ten member artists from the SC Hinterland Region:
Jim Cox – Acrylics, oils, mixed media
Tricia Taylor – Pastels & oils
Judy Berlak – Watercolours
Bronwyn brands – Oils
Carol Weir – Sculpture (found objects such as wood, tin, wire)
Elli Schlunke – Sculpture
Jacky Lowry – Printmaker
Heather Gall – Oils, acrylic and mixed media, watercolours, children’s books
Margie Lipscombe – Photography
Pam Maegdefrau – Ceramic Sculpture



Exhibition dates: 12/05/2015 – 24/05/2015
Exhibition open daily: 11am to 5pm – other times by appointment
Opening night:Tuesday 12th May 6pm to 8pm

Return to Queensland

Having Finally settled back into Queensland, with a new studio in Maleny, this exhibition is a transition from Rick’s long series of Italian paintings. He is returning to his love of painting Australian beaches, and his delightful treatment of water. Also included are new landscapes from the hinterland hills, and new figurative works. The final Italian paintings are also included in this exhibition, so anyone who still would like to own one should not miss this opportunity.

Exhibition dates: 26/05/2015 – 07/06/2015
open daily 10am to 4pm
Opening night:Friday 29th May 6pm to 8pm

A New Millennum
A vibrant collection of oils and mixed media works, still life, landscape, seascape and genre paintings from travels abroad and at home, accompanied by works on paper, posters and sketch books, showing the artist’s prolific creations.


Exhibition dates: 09/06/2015 – 21/06/2015
Exhibition open daily:
Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 11am to 5pm
Artist Talk:Sunday 14th June at 1:30 – RSVP to Roslyn 0431 448 853 or

The Rock And The River
This series of paintings, in textured watercolour, depicts the Rock and the River in their various forms – from the majesty of mountains and waterfalls to the intimacy of the rocks under a trickle of water. Within these scenes, there is a sense of going back to nature, away from the hectic pace of our daily lives, to be refreshed and revitalized. These paintings are a reflection of the peace and beauty inherent in God’s creation around us. Limited edition signed art prints available for sale.


Exhibition dates: 23/06/2015 – 28/06/2015
Portraits from Blue Fang Cabin

Exhibition dates: 30/06/2015 – 05/07/2015 Exhibition Open Daily 10am – 4pm
Opening Night: Friday 3rd July 6pm – 8pm – Official opening by Michael Beatty head of media and
communications for RSPCA QLD
Wild Life Talk: Saturday afternoon 4th July 1pm

Sacred Commodities
The theme of “Sacred Commodities” started with the concerns of four artists Delys Clifford, Margaret Kirman, Jeanie Peterson and Barbara Lester, all care about animals and our environment. After many conversations the decision was made to try and bring awareness through visual art to a wider community, the exhibition was born.
All the artists hope to send a message bringing awareness to adults and children through their artwork. This will be a great opportunity in the school holidays for children to discuss the process of the concepts and creations of the artworks with the artists. The artists pride themselves on sending an important message but still present a concept that is aesthetically pleasing.
The artists say this will be a great exhibition as in addition to our opening Friday night on Saturday we have Kim Challis from Back Yard Habitat giving a talk on caring for native animals, we also will be donating 20% of our profits to the RSPCA & Animals Australia.


Exhibition dates: 06/07/2015 – 12/07/2015 Open
Exhibition open daily: Tues 9:30am – 9:30pm, Wed – Sat 9:30 – 7pm & Sun 9:30 – 5pm
Prior to beginning a work I usually have nothing more than a conceptual shadow in my mind. I work from a psycho spiritual perspective, which is linked in large part to my practise as an art therapist/artist. In my experience, the artwork is always there, just waiting to be given form. I am only ever the constructor and never the creator.

This exhibition brings into being some facets of my subjective experience with the oft times hidden feminine, the intangible, elusive presence of ‘her’ in her many forms and guises. My quest, in part, is to find a way to capture elements of her through the creative process.
My work is a mixture of different mediums, collage, drawing, painting etc.

are proud to present a collection of Arts which Capture the Sacred Country of Quandamooka
Exhibition dates: 14/07/2015 – 19/07/2015
Open daily Tuesday to Sun 10am – 3pm
Opening night:Wednesday 15th July 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Sacred Country of Quandamooka
Salt Water Murris is a Collective of Aboriginal Artists from Quandamooka Country.
“Our people create with the natural elements of shells and sand from the foreshores; they collect water, wood, plant fibres or native plants from the bush, creeks, lakes and swamps. Through these acts of creation, our culture continues to live today”
Proudly sponsored by Brisbane City Council


Exhibition dates: 21/07/2015 – 02/08/2015
Exhibition open:Daily 10am – 6pm or by appointment
Opening Night:Friday 24th July 6pm – 8pm
Artist’s Talk:Sunday 26th July 11am

Artist Statement
I ‘play’ with perspective, landscape, the tree-of-life symbol, cosmology, variations of code. When I paint I think about all of these things and what they might mean in the cosmological 21st century.

The paintings in the exhibition reflect upon the way technology is increasingly influencing our lives, both good and bad. Ideas about interstellar travel and possible settlement, post-human future/s, existential risks, Earth and space sustainability, simulation theories, and more are all woven into the paintings. They also continue my quest to untether ideas of landscape from Earth-bound horizons, the major theme of my last exhibition UNTETHERING LANDSCAPE.


Exhibition dates: 04/08/2015 – 16/08/2015

Exhibition dates: 21/08/2015 – 30/08/2015
open daily 10am – 5pm or by appointment
Opening Night:Friday 21st August 6 – 8pm
Recent work


Exhibition dates: 01/09/2015 – 13/09/2015
opening night:Friday 4th September 6.30 to 8.30pm

The Life Size of Africa
Inspiration for this exhibition is drawn from numerous trips to Southern Africa where I have experienced the pure majesty of the local wild life up close. The Life Size of Africa, depicts life-size reproductions of these African animals using colour pastels. There is a certain texture to pastels that I thoroughly enjoy working with; building the artwork in layers upon layers of pastels, rubbing them into the paper until you get the desired colour and look. Themes of power, beauty and strength are at the core of this exhibition. The central piece, a life-size Kudu, stands at nearly three metres tall. Another piece ‘Elliegin’ was recently shortlisted this year in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition in London.


Exhibition dates: 15/09/2015 – 27/09/2015

Gunpowder and Plaster – My New Techniques
In the past eighteen months, I have made a longed-for departure from the way I have been painting for the previous 6 years. I began by burning gunpowder on paper to make marks. I sometimes use this to collage landscapes based on my trips to Western Queensland, and other times I work into it immediately with charcoal, pens, and pastels. I am using this series of drawings (three of which have been finalists in major prizes so far this year) to give me inspiration for a series of acrylic paintings. For the paintings, I have developed a cracked plaster surface on board on which to paint my landscapes. Some are quite derivative. Others depart radically from the drawings that inspire them. I am, in this series of drawings and paintings, doing what pleases me most and bringing together all that I have worked with over the past 14 years.


Exhibition dates: 29/09/2015 – 04/10/2015
Within Without
This group exhibition, “Within Without”, allows the 3 artists to express themselves through responding to the theme in a personal or generic manor.


Exhibition dates: 06/10/2015 – 11/10/2015
5 Elements…..
I am a painter and sculptor. I am inspired by the Australian landscape, particularly the colours and sparseness of the outback, density and depth of colour of the rainforests and waterways. Streetscapes, both urban and rural, also feature in my work. My preferred tools are my bare hands, brushes, palette knives, squeegees and sponges. I predominantly use acrylic on canvas, but also work with enamel on canvas. I like to paint on a medium to large scale. I love the feel and texture of acrylics. When completing landscape paintings, I prefer to paint outside in the natural environment. I am happest when a leaf or other organic matter are incorporated the canvas and becomes a port of the artwork. My technique is free and rapid which reflects with my thought process when creating my work. My technique has developed over the years. I now drip, pour, flick and smear paint onto the canvas, which I thoroughly enjoy doing. I find it is exciting and fun… draining and sad… and everything in between.


Exhibition dates: 13/10/2015 – 26/10/2015


The Way Back Home
Exhibition dates: 29/10/2015 – 08/11/2015
Exhibition Open: Daily 10am – 5pm
Opening Night Friday 30th October 6pm to 9 pm

This is Pamela Gough’s 7th solo exhibition-her third at Graydon Gallery.
She has taken a new direction in this collection of paintings and drawings following a trip to Europe where Pam explored the influences of her work. The result is some exciting and innovative detailed work drawn from highlights of her pilgrimage and all stamped with the symbols of her Celtic heritage.
There are a mix of sketches and paintings in the exhibition,characterized by Pam’s detailed storytelling through the various layers of paint and scratchings in the canvas.
The vibrancy spirit and stories of each place are masterfully reflected on each canvas

About the work
“Beneath what we see,are the dramas and plans of those who have gone before us,those who lived and loved and built up the environment that we are gifted with today”


Exhibition dates: 10/11/2015 – 22/11/2015

Exhibition dates: 24/11/2015 – 06/12/2015
Exhibition Open:Daily 10am – 5pm
Opening Night:Friday 27th November, 6pm – 8pm

The colourful, acrylic paintings in Phil’s latest exhibition include a variety of subjects. These relate to themes including rural Queensland; Brisbane’s changing built environment; ‘BIG’ icons (think Pineapple, Cow, Banana etc.); galahs and lorikeets; European snapshots and several whimsical works inspired by poetry and song lyrics. Several light boxes will add to the exciting variety in this exhibition.




Exhibition dates: 08/12/2015 – 20/12/2015